letsgetgeeky asked:

Did you know one of the Elephants at the Carlsberg gate has a swastika on it. I visited Denmark 2 years ago and saw them in person.

Yes, I did, funny enough! And while I half expected this to be a nazi-era throwback since Carlsberg is a German company, apparently, it’s not. 

"When JC and Carl Jacobsen agreed to name their breweries Old Carlsberg and New Carlsberg respectively, they also decided to use a different label design for their beer brands. – JC was using the 12-pointed star and Carl Jacobsen who was fascinated by the Antiquity chose the swastika with four dots as his trade mark. The swastika is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune and widely spread throughout the ancient and modern world. The symbol was in use until World War II."

Here’s the original label: